Do's and Don'ts When Filing Bankruptcy

  • Don’t listen to others on how Bankruptcyu works. Call a professional to get accurate information.

  • Don’t take out a second mortgage or increase your credit line to pay off bills.

  • Don’t transfer any property to any family members within a year.

  • Don’t take out any new debt you know you can’t repay. No new credit card debt etc.

  • Don’t file bankruptcy if you are going to receive an inheritance within 6 months after filing.

  • Don’t cash in your retirement funds to pay debt.

  • Don’t give anything away or sell anything for less than the market value.

  • Don’t put off calling about a bankruptcy because you are embarrassed.

  • Do list all debts and all assets.

  • Do tell everything to your attorney even if it’s embarrassing. We don’t want any surprises in court.

  • Do listen to and follow attorney advice. After all that is the professional you are paying.

  • Do attend any Court hearings.

  • Do tell the Attorney about any money due or owed to you.

  • Do relax, after you get this over with you will feel sooo much better!

  • Do call or e-mail this office for a no cost consultation appointment today.


Family Law:

  • Divorces
  • Child custody

Wills and Estates:

  • Will preparation which specifies your wishes that should be carried out after your death.
  • Asset protection
  • Financial Power of Attorney which allows a directed individual the ability to perform business on your behalf if in the event you become incapacitated.
  • Health care directives through a Durable Health Care Power of Attorney and/or Living Will.
  • Guiding executors and trustees regarding their duties throughout the probate process.

Counties We Can Help:

  • Allen County
  • Auglaize County
  • Mercer County
  • Putnam County
  • Van Wert County
  • And all other surrounding areas in Northwestern Ohio

            If you are unsure if you’re in this area, call us at (419) 228-2122